Dr. Tate Correll was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. She completed her undergraduate degree in biological sciences at Colorado State University. After graduation, she spent two and a half years in the Peace Corps as an HIV/AIDS volunteer in rural Botswana. After years away from home, she was thrilled to stay in Colorado for medical school at Rocky Vista University. Inspired by her Peace Corps experience, she chose to go to an osteopathic school to learn manipulation techniques to have skills at her disposal to treat patients, regardless of the available resources. She continued moving west for residency and completed her pediatrics residency at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, OR. She loved her program so much that she stayed an extra year to work as chief resident.

Dr. Tate values partnering with families to provide the best care possible. She has a special interest in the early childhood years (0-5) and has a soft spot for teenagers too. She has also completed her Children’s Yoga Teacher training and looks forward to using those skills to give back to her new community in Anchorage. She spends all her free time with her husband, two young kids, a cat (adopted and brought home from Botswana), and an active goldador retriever. Her family enjoys all things outdoors, including camping, paddle boarding, hiking, yoga, and skiing.