Dr. Tappel received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton, majoring in biology and minoring in rugby. He attended medical school at the University of Cincinnati, where he minored in frisbee. Dr. Tappel did his pediatric specialty training with the Air Force at David Grant Medical Center in California. He spent 21 years as an Air Force pediatrician, which included two tours to Alaska, as well as the chance to practice medicine in many foreign countries.

As Dr. Tappel was nearing retirement from the Air Force and working at Elmendorf AFB, he had the opportunity to interact with the various clinics and pediatricians in the civilian world. LaTouche Pediatrics stood out in terms of its great group of providers, nursing staff, and friendly front desk folks. He says it seemed like a good idea to join in 2005 and still seems like a good idea, years later.Dr. Tappel feels that pediatrics is, far and away, the most fun medical specialty. He says it’s great to get a kids-eye-view of the world to help keep perspective. He also says that it’s the nosiest specialty, but you get used to that.

In the summer, Dr. Tappel and his family like to hike and bike. In the winter, they enjoy skiing, both downhill and cross-country.