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Summer Hours

Beginning June 3rd, our Providence office will be closing at 6 pm, Monday through Friday. We will resume closing at 8 pm on August 5th. We hope your family stays safe and healthy this summer, as you enjoy the beautiful…

Memorial Day

We are closed Memorial Day, Monday May 27th. We will be open Saturday and Sunday, May 25th and 26th. We hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!…


Measles is a highly contagious viral respiratory infection that can cause flu-like symptoms and a severe rash.

CDC recommends routine vaccination with a 2-dose series of MMR, the first dose at 12-15 months and the second dose at 4-6 years. …

Ages and Stages Questionnaires

One of the questionnaires we will be sending out through CHADIS (see previous post) is Ages and Stages. What is Ages and Stages you may ask…….

Complete Electronic Forms Directly From Your Smart Phone!

We have launched a new program, CHADIS, that will email questionnaires for your child’s appointment. You can use your smart phone, tablet, or computer to complete the forms! Appointments scheduled after February 1, 2019 will be receiving emails inviting you …

Earthquake Preparedness

DHSEM Earthquake Preparedness Program

“No matter where you are, know how to protect yourself and your family during an earthquake. Practice taking cover as if there were an earthquake and learn the safest places in your home and work. Practice

Infant ibuprofen recalled

Flu Vaccines

We currently have flu shots! Schedule your appointment today!…